Mastering Circular Initiatives

Acquire skills & mindset for your role in leading a circular economy initiative

With the Mastering Circular Initiatives Program managers and team leaders acquire what it takes to successfully lead a circular economy initiative in their organisation. 

When initiating and implementing circular action, managers and team leaders face multiple challenges. At HiCircular, we guide the change by going beyond the technical aspects of the transition. With the Mastering Circular Initiatives Program we are strengthening the individual’s abilities with a solution-focused approach in order to maximise benefits from the Circular Economy.


At the end of the program you will be able for your business or organisation to:

Fully comprehend

Grasp the wide range of benefits of the Circular Economy

Set the strategy

Identify the most suitable Circular Economy options

Formulate case

The most promising circular economy business case


Translate benefits from Circular Economy into concrete day to day practices


Enable your teams to collaborate in the value chain

Identify the champions

Engage and guide them on the journey

Identify the risks

The wicked obstacles and the institutional barriers and find solutions to address them

Communicate clearly

About progress, achievements and the next challenges ahead

Program key features

Who should participate

Anybody who is responsible for initiating, leading or managing a circular initiative or pilot in a company or organisation.

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