Roadmap Program

Moving from a linear business model to a circular one can be overwhelming. We're here to help in setting priorities, finding focus, and starting to act.

With our Program “Journey to Circularity” we support you in establishing a Circular Economy Roadmap with priority areas, milestones and concrete first steps. 

The Roadmap provides a framework for the development of a sustainable, resource efficient and competitive strategy for the transition to a more regenerative economy in your company. 

In addition, the training component of the program is about bringing awareness to people and employees and finding concrete solutions for dealing with resources and waste, in day to day work.  


At the end of the program your team has

Joint understanding

A company- and sector-tailored view of circularity

Clear view

On existing and emerging Circular Economy activities and training in your company


Your sustainable value creation strategy

Circularity Roadmap

Reflecting your organisational culture and management style


Limited number of key domains for value creation

Smart balance

Quick wins and long-term actions


KPIs, milestones and concrete action


Circular Economy mindset

The program key features for Circular Economy Roadmap

  1. You get a system-wide analysis of your existing circular actions from a variety of perspectives;
  2. Engaging those who need to be involved in the roadmap;
  3. Guide ambassadors in identifying the most promising areas for improvements, in setting priorities and in taking the first steps;
  4. In a follow-up phase we help you in finalizing the roadmap, making sure that it is concrete and ambitious as well as feasible at the same time.

Who should participate

Companies, organisations or teams that want to benefit from a lasting circular economy transition

Questions? We'll put you on the right path

Feel free to be in touch to learn more about how our programs can help you to be more circular.