Accelerating Sustainability
with People Engagement

We make the people become the drivers of the change towards a thriving sustainable business

Engagement Program

Build an active change community
Employee Engage Program

Roadmap to circularity

Set priorities and engage your people

Mastering Circular Initiatives

Mindset and business models

Green IT

Concrete steps in Green IT and IT for Green

Our Unique Approach

We are inspiring a fresh mindset and help organisations in identifying the most promising sustainability and circularity opportunities.
We support in mobilizing the right people and effectively engage them into sustainability and circular initiatives. We enable pioneers and champions in achieving their goals.
Thanks to our engagement methods we follow-up, keep the momentum going and report on results.

Make your company future-proof

  • Be ready for changes in the market and in regulation
  • Improve your value chain in collaboration with your stakeholders
  • Ensure customer loyalty

Enable sustainability teams in your organisation

  • Mobilize ambassadors to drive the change
  • Keep the engagement high and lasting
  • Achieve tangible impact in the areas that matte

Improve team spirit and communication

  • People find purpose at work
  • Employees capabilities enhance
  • Employer branding enhanced

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How it works


Join the activation session

Experience how our unique approach to Circular Economy can help you engage with the talents in your organisation

Inspire your teams

Lead by example: start assigning challenges to colleagues. Meet challenges anytime, anywhere

Interaction using your digital channels

We support you over a period of time until circularity becomes a habit.
No apps, no logins: We are using Microsoft Teams, Slack, LinkedIn group and many others.

See the results

Track your progress with our analytical features

Celebrate your successes!

Share your achievements, celebrate them together

Anywhere, Anytime

We support you until sustainability and circularity become a habit. We are using your corporate channel such as Microsoft Teams.

With our approach you create your sustainability and engagement KPIs allowing you to track progress in your initiatives,  to analyse the level of people engagement and to measure the impact of their actions.

Need to start or engage more people in your organisation

Hi Circular!

People are at the heartbeat of your company. Invest in their engagement and make your business futureproof. Say hello to Circular Economy and activate your employee’s circular superpowers.

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